Anne Hamarsnes

Psychologist & Mindfulness Instructor

For as long as I can remember I have had a great curiosity for people’s behavioural motives and inner worlds. In my work I study the human mind and its functional counterpart, the brain, and how the two interact to create our very distinct personalities, emotions and behavioural patterns. I tend to see every person as a puzzle. By identifying the different influences of biology, experiences, and one’s individual psychology we can better understand who we are and how to grow into the best versions of ourselves.

With over 10 years’ experience as a clinical psychologist my work covers a wide range of age groups, psychological conditions, neuropsychological conditions and psychiatric disorders. I also work with groups, workplaces and organizations. The aim of my work is to train you to become your own best coach, to help you gain better self-understanding, overcome obstacles, build resilience and feel more attuned with your overall life goals.

Over the last years I have visited and lived in several countries. This has not only given me new perspectives on my own cultural background and values, it has also challenged me to adapt and grow as an individual in a multitude of ways. As a psychologist I have learned to take many aspects into consideration when working with my clients, whether it be age, gender, sexuality, environment or cultural norms and values. I have a holistic view on mental health and key concepts for me in my work include openness, non-judgement, mutual respect and collaboration. I also have my own supervisor and participate in courses and workshops to further my own skills.


2006. Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology
2006. 1 year Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) training
2005. Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology
2009. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Instructor Course
2017. Mindfulness in Education Instructor Course
2010. Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Course

Examples of 2-day training workshops I have attended:
Cognitive Analytical Therapy, Cognitive Therapy For Persistent Problems, Narrative Therapy, Sex & Sexuality

Work Experience

2019. Coach & Trainer for the Bethard Group (iGaming)
2010-ongoing. Private practice (clinical psychologist, coach and mindfulness instructor)
2017. Part-time lecturer at the University of Malta in Social and Organisational Psychology
2013-2018. Student Psychological Services Malta (clinical psychologist)
2011-2012. OPUS (Early Intervention Service, Psychosis Team) (clinical psychologist)
2008-2011. BOMI Brain Injury Centre (clinical psychologist / neuropsychologist)
2005-2008. Various training posts as a clinical psychologist (Massey University Clinic, Personality Psychotherapy Services, Child, Adolescent and Family Services, Youth Specialist Service, Early Intervention Service)