Online Therapy & Coaching

Access psychology services from your own location

Online therapy and coaching is an easy way to access psychological services from the comfort of your own home, or from wherever you’d prefer. Whether due to location issues, physical immobility, difficulties getting out of your house or frequent travelling, online therapy can be a fast and accessible option.

How to get started:

• Set up Skype or similar chat program on your pc/mac
• Good broadband connection
• A webcam and a microphone (or headset)
• Pre-paid session and contract (see below)

• Online therapy is not appropriate for people who experience severe mental distress or psychological conditions. If I think you would be more suitable for face-to-face therapy I will inform you of this at the end of the initial session (or sometimes before).

• Payment: You pay for the session beforehand when you book. I will send you a therapeutic contract for us to sign where we also agree payments, what happens if you’d like to move or cancel a session, what happens if the internet connection fails during our conversation etc.

Some clients prefer to do the initial session in person before starting online sessions. This can be done either at my clinic or through a home visit if we are in the same location. If you’d like additional information about how online therapy works, what you would need to do to get started etc. then don’t hesitate to contact me.