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Wellbeing at work

The expert in anything was once a beginner

Leadership Coaching

Being a good manager doesn’t only mean that you have the ability to understand the functional aspects of your workplace and organization, it also involves the ability to create a positive and supportive work environment for your employees.

Typical topics in leadership coaching:

• Self-awareness, emotional intelligence and social intelligence – how to understand your own and other people’s emotions and behaviors

• Communication skills – active listening, communication styles, conflict management 

• Understanding the difference between management and leadership and how the two interact to create effective leaders

• Leadership traits and leadership styles – understanding what traits makes up a good leader and how and when to apply different leadership styles

• Individual growth – how to unleash potential and overcome limitations in yourself and others (self-management and coaching of others)

• High performing workplaces – employee motivation, accountability, responsibility, ownership, reward-systems, job satisfaction

• Fostering productivity – aligning organizational targets with individual values and goals

• Cognitive optimization – how to utilize your cognitive resources in an optimal way

• Work-life balance – preventing stress and burnout

Employee Satisfaction

Services offered to employees include individual coaching and mindfulness training. For further information go to:

• Psychology – Therapy & Coaching
• Mindfulness for Workplaces