Wellbeing at work

The expert in anything was once a beginner

Leadership Coaching

Being a good manager doesn’t only mean that you have the ability to understand the functional aspects of your workplace and organization, it also involves the ability to create a positive and supportive work environment for your employees. My leadership coaching sessions are based on two main principles:

1) Learn to coach yourself and how to coach others

2) Better understand how individual, social and organizational aspects of your workplace interact so you can create an inspiring and successful organization

Typical topics in leadership coaching:

• Self-awareness, emotional intelligence and social intelligence – understanding your own emotions and behaviors, and those of others

• Positive and high performing work environments – how to create a supportive work environment in which your employees can thrive and develop

• Communication – active listening, communication styles, how to deal with confrontation and difficult situations

• Individual growth – how to unleash potential and overcome limitations in yourself and others

• Accountability – increase employee responsibility and ownership to fuel employee confidence and job satisfaction

• Fostering productivity – organizational targets with individual values and goals

• Understanding the difference between management and leadership

• Leadership vision – how to create a compelling vision and motivate people to follow and work towards organizational goals

• Leadership traits – understanding what traits makes up a good leader, such as honesty, integrity, vision, ability to inspire and challenge, good communication skills

• Cognitive optimization – how to utilize your cognitive resources in an optimal way

• Work-life balance

Employee Satisfaction

Services offered to employees include individual coaching and mindfulness training. Please find additional information here:

• Psychology – Therapy & Coaching
• Mindfulness for Workplaces